Solving the Black Mold Problem

Being a homeowner comes with a large list of responsibilities and things that need to be taken care of. One of the worst things that a homeowner can have to deal with on this list is water damage, especially when the water damage takes the form of black mold. Black mold is a form of water damage that starts out small but can quickly grow to be incredibly dangerous to both your home’s structure and the health of those who live with you. Here is what black mold can do and how you can get rid of it.

What Black Mold Does To Your Home

Black mold is a very corrosive substance. It will ultimately begin to eat away at any surface that it attaches itself to. The first stage of this process is discoloration. The surface will start to gain a dark staining. This coloration is a sign that the mold has irrevocably taken hold on that particular spot. Even if you remove the mold the stain will remain. If the mold is allowed to run rampant and unchecked on an area such as the wooden foundation of your home then you run a serious risk of that structure becoming weakened and possibly even starting to rot. This can turn your home into a very dangerous place indeed.

What Black Mold Can Do To Your Body

Black mold is able to spread via microscopic spores that are sent into the air. These spores seek out heat and moisture because those are the things that mold must have in order to grow and thrive. When the mold sends out the spores it increases the likelihood that you will inhale those spores. This is a fairly big problem because if the spores take root in your lungs then you are looking a serious respiratory sickness. You can learn more about what mold can do from a mold remediation Orlando expert.

How to Find Mold In Your Home

One of the worst things about mold is that it is able to quickly and quietly spread. However, mold does have some easy to spot tell tale signs. First of all, You will find that mold has a very strong musty odor. This odor is similar to what you will find in a basement or attic. You will also know there is mold present by seeing dark splotches and discoloration on the walls or any area where there is potential moisture. The best way to locate mold, however, is to bring in a mold damage specialist from Damage Control 911.

If you want to get rid of the mold then you should definitely call in an expert to take care of it. If the mold is small scale, however, then you may be able to get rid of it yourself using the techniques found in this video.